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Internet safety films.

We worked with Unique Voice and Bristol's E-Safety Sub Group to 

make two films as resources for local primary and secondary

schools which were launched on Safer Internet Day 2016.

The two films that the E-Safety Sub-Group of Bristol Safeguarding

Children's Board commissioned supported the work delivered

to pupils around e-safety all across Bristol.


The two short films were accompanied by guidance notes, with

differing themes.  The themes are "sexting" and "digital footprint" – which, from Unique Voice's research, are the two topics that cause schools the most concern.


Sexting - A young teenager, Lola forms a relationship with Josh after joining a new school.

Through peer pressure and wanting to impress, Lola sends a sexual picture that is shared and sent further than she ever imagined.

Digital Footprint - Wanting to land an exciting work experience opportunity, Rachel writes a promising CV and expresses her interest to a local media company. However, her behaviour soon forms a trail, leaving a negative digital footprint which paints a different picture for her potential employer.

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