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Giving Day

This page will give you an idea of the types of film output available as part of our Giving Day offer.

We appreciate that each Giving Day is different but the basics remain the same, helping you to structure the film content you need for your site and for the best possible outcome on the day.

Contact us to discuss what options would fit with your Giving Day needs.

Headline Film

This is the first film anyone will see as part of your Giving Day. It needs to be from the sponsor of your Giving Day and provide an overview of what you are trying to achieve with your fundraising effort, as well as details of what to do next.

Why give?

This film provides the potential giver with some idea of the benefits of giving to your chosen cause.

Specific content

This is where you get to see the direct impact giving has had on the people affected by your chosen cause. This needs to bring the right emotions to help the potential giver decide to give.

Social Media Films

As part of the package you will get a number of social media ready films specifically formatted to slot into the various platforms on which you will be promoting your Giving Day.

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