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Overlook Films have been making short films in the South West since 2007. We’ve made films for a number of different directors, working with dozens of actors and crew members.


We are always keen to find new talent and to give anyone a chance to get involved with film-making. Take a look at some of the films we have been making and get in touch if you have a film you want to make or if you want to get involved.

Some of our finished films can be viewed here on our website, while others are only available on DVD.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

The Levels - short


QUOTATION: “Seek peace, and pursue it.” Proverbs 34:14


The Levels is a contemporary crime drama; a violent tale of love, murder and revenge, set against the haunting landscape of the Somerset Levels. Michael and all those around him are slowly drawn towards an unavoidable and explosive confrontation. By blending the modern crime drama with the Somerset landscape, The Levels pays homage to the mythology of the American West in a uniquely British folk tale.


Visit for more details.


If the boot fits - short


If the Boot Fits is the directorial debut of Overlook Films Producer Joanna Beard.


It was shot entirely on location at Somerset Lavender in Faulkland and was the first of a series of shorts under the umbrella of Overlook Fairytales.

See the film here.




Waiting - short


Waiting is a hellish comedy written by John Faria, directed by Anthony O’Callaghan and produced by Joanna Beard.  Thanks to all for their continued support during this long term project.

See the film here.




One Day - short


“One Day…”  was released in 2009 and was immediately selected for the Jersey International Film Festival.


It’s a short drama about an alienated salesman who fantasises about a life under water. It’s a clever blend of puppetry, in-camera effects and docu-drama that gets to the heart of the human condition.


Some audience comments about “One Day…”

“Technically outstanding”  "Visually fantastic”  “a wonderful piece of craftsmanship”  “A very atmosheric piece of film making”   “Brilliant”

Change - music video


A new venture for Overlook Films, music videos are something we are keen to explore – so if you are a local band looking for a video to promote your latest single or album, or a composer looking to conceptualise a new song for demo purposes give us a call!


Click here to see our latest concept video for ‘ Change’  by Richard Tattersall and Anton Mullan



Burnt - short


“Burnt” was the second short film produced by Overlook Films.


This short drama, set in Bristol, was written and directed by Shanti Sherson and was premiered at the Cube cinema in Bristol.



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