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Tony on set with Melanie Storey & Richard Simms

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Book Trailers.


If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and to offer a modern, interactive forum to showcase your latest book, then website videos will deliver you that edge.


Get 3 high-quality, bespoke promotional videos for your book, suitable for web sites and DVD, from £849…For a limited time only!


This offer provides 3 great opportunities to promote your book through your website, social media or networking sites—driving more traffic over a longer period to increase promotion, interest and sales of your book.


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Online Video Campaign.
3 Book Trailer Package


Our exclusive package offers a sophisticated online video campaign for your book, including:


1. Teaser Trailer—30 secs max. to include author talking head, one still image of the book, music where appropriate (though this may incur an additional cost) and final shot footage of book and props. Call to action details of where to find and purchase your book.


2. Trailer Two—a 1 min max. trailer to include all of the above plus more about, and from, the author to build up a sense of both the book and you, the writer—dedicated footage may be required although this will have to be limited to a max. 1 hour shoot. Call to action details of where to find and purchase your book.


3. Final Trailer—a 1 min max. combination of best bits of the above and remaining footage and talking head material. Call to action details of where to find and purchase your book.


How it works.



The project begins with an initial consultation over the phone with the author to define the   exact requirements, based on our standard template, for your 3 Trailers. The Overlook team will discuss and capture detailed requirements for your project, including the location for shooting the talking heads section and book footage.


We will then provide a plan that confirms the content of the Trailers and the shoot, any costume and prop requirements along with an outline project schedule.



The Overlook Film Crew will visit the shooting  location as agreed (generally the SilverWood Books Head Office or the authors location depending on travelling costs) in order to shoot the talking head section, the book footage and take any still photographs required.



Overlook Films will provide a rough edit of the first Trailer in accordance with the agreed schedule (normally within two weeks of the shoot). This is intended as a guide to demonstrate progress and to give you an opportunity to provide feedback. Detailed notes of the feedback will be provided to the editor and used to create the Final Cut of all three Trailers.



Overlook will provide you with the finished project in the agreed format(s). This will be provided in electronic format online or on DVD media. You may then upload to sites such as You Tube, Vimeo, and your own website (and the SilverWood team is here to support and guide you through that process, advising on when and where to release your videos).


Additional cost options.


Options can be added to a standard trailer at the time of purchase. Details below, but please ask us for a detailed consultation.



A face to face consultation can be arranged following agreement of travel and subsistence costs.



A certain amount of standard music is available but any specific music required will incur additional cost for any license required.



Additional footage can be shot according to agreed requirements to further enhance the impact of your trailers.



Alternative edits of the trailers can be provided after the final project is delivered, using the original footage.



Professional actors and voice-over artists may be hired if required.



A maximum 1 minute trailer is typically appropriate, however, Overlook also offer a 3 minute web video service if required. Ask us for a detailed consultation.



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